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Skelin Mont l.t.d. is Croatian company with registered office in Šibenik. Its field of action is production and installation of PVC and ALU joinery. Apart from joinery, in its own facility Skelin Mont produces glass products as well.


Skelin Mont l.t.d. has become one of the leading factories in the region offering a wide range of high quality products and services.

Skelin Mont l.t.d. began the production of aluminum joinery in 2004, and one year later it began to produce PVC joinery and glass products.


Today, Skelin Mont represents a stable business organization that employs more than 70 staff in its team, who, with their experience  respond to the most demanding projects.

Quality assurance


Continuous quality control of materials which are used, technologically precise production, modern and automated production lines, affordable product prices, short terms of delivery and mounting, multi-year product warranty and many other values are the reason why our clients always return.

Skelin Mont believes that without satisfied and qualified staff, the growth and development in an increasingly demanding market- is simply not possible.


  • continual development and progress on every level of business
  • mprovement of high quality products with material which are not harmful for environment
  • constant investment in modernisation of business-which involves following the trends and supplying new, modern machines and equipment
  • constant professional training and education of current and future employees
  • expanding business to other markets
  • creating additional values with innovations

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Contact us with trust for the reason that we really offer quality with guarantee!

Skelin Mont is reliable and safe partner that is capable of responding the different demands of its buyers and partners and offering top design sollutions applying the highest standards of business, guaranteeing high quality service.