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History of PVC windows


Have you ever wondered when the first PVC windows were made?

The first PVC windows reached the market more than 60 years ago, more precisely in 1954, and their development continues today.

The first such window was set up in an apartment in Hamburg. Even then, two flat parallel glass panels have provided perfect protection against air leakage.

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Kupnja prozora je investicija koja se mora isplatiti na dugi niz godina. Riječ je o investicija koja ruku na srce nije ni jeftina. Prozori su vrlo važan građevni element svakog prostora i stoga je jako važno voditi računa o brojnim elementima koje ne smijemo zanemarit ako u konačnici želimo biti zadovoljni rezultatima.


PVC or ALU window frames?


Windows are made of various materials and it is very clear that each one has advantages and disadvantages. Although modern technologies, machines and materials can now achieve almost equal thermal, light and sound properties either in PVC or aluminum, the choice of material is nevertheless made by the user or customer depending on the elements that have to be fulfilled by purchasing new windows in their space.