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Everywhere you look, you will certainly notice a glass facade. Recently, facade solutions have made a great progress through which glass has become one of the primary material of building new buildings. This is not so surprising because, not only is the glass visually attractive, but it has many benefits and meets the important functional elements of the building itself.



Facade system


Energy efficiency

One of the advantages of facade systems is certainly energy efficiency. Letting the sunlight in the building saves electricity, because natural light is used instead of artificial one. Also, contrary to what public perception may be, technological advances in the glass products sector have actually helped to regulate heating and cooling in buildings.

Modern house


Resistance to inconvenient weather conditions

Facade systems are resistant enough to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions. Whether it is sun, wind or rain, the glass will retain its integrity and appearance much longer than many traditional building materials. And since the glass does not rust, time will not affect the facade of the building.

Louvre Museum, Paris


Transparent and sandblasted glass

Transparency and non-transparency of glass has both functional and aesthetic advantages. The glass specificity is that it can come in any shape as well as transparent or sandblasted. Nowadays architects mostly use transparent glass for the facade of the building. The flexibility of this material allows architects to be creative with the way they use it.

Aesthetic advantages

Besides all functional advantages, attractive appearance of the facade systems represents one of its greatest characteristics. Glass has the unique ability to make the building look refined and modern, as well as to enable the performance of any architectural design.

Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Hamburg


Facade systems and Skelin Mont

The construction of facade systems is one of Skelin Mont’s specialty. All types of IZO glass are produced in their own production, and many years of experience with glassware and facade systems have resulted in numerous successful projects.

If you are interested in glass facade systems, our professional team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Skelin Mont


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