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The Skelin Mont production facility is located in the entrepreneurial zone PODI in Šibenik where we have PVC automated line and Alu line in development.

PVC automated line

After getting inquiries from our clients and making a specification offer, we will start preparing the work order at the technical office. In the process, we go through 6 steps:

  • automatic withdrawal of orders in production
  • making of the profile using the ELUMATEC automatic two-head saw
  • automatic profile processing on URBAN machining center
  • automatska obrada profila na obradnom centru URBAN
  • welding of joints and their processing on an automated ELUMATEC line
  • enchainment on the automated enchainment table ELUMATEC


Skelin Mont guarantees its customers that they will respond to any failure within the warranty period and will service it in the shortest possible time.

6 year warranty, with proper handling and maintenance, is provided on all systems.

2 year warranty, with proper handling and maintenance is given on all shackles.

Našu kvalitetu garantiraju i certifikati koje posjedujemo: ISO 9001 te CE oznaku koji garantiraju kvalitetu u cijelom procesu proizvodnje kao i odabiru materijala te ISO 14001 koji garantira da se pri procesu proizvodnje čelika vodi briga o očuvanju okoliša.



As a proof of our quality, we have the following certificates, which we are exceptionally proud of:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System – certificate of the application of quality management system in accordance with international standards

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System – Acknowledgment of compliance with environmental legislation with permanent improvements in pollution prevention

CE mark – European Conformity Mark – Confirmation that the product complies with the requirements of safety, property protection, animal and human health protection, environmental protection and public interest in accordance with the EU directives.

We believe that quality is the key to success and a motive for each company’s development, so we are constantly working on developing and improving quality and care for the environment.

ISO 14001-certifikati


Skelin Mont is reliable and secure partner who is able to respond to its customers and business partners to the most demanding requirements and to offer excellent design solutions by applying the highest standards of business and guaranteeing high quality of service.