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Buying a window is an investment that has to pay off for many years. It is about investing that is not cheap either. Windows are a very important building element of every space and therefore it is very important to take into account a number of elements that we must not neglect if we ultimately want to be satisfied with the results. The windows are, many architects will agree, not just one of the most important but the most creative parts of the facade. Just as they can decorate a particular house or building, they can undermine the overall appearance of a particular space.

The windows are, many architects will agree, not just one of the most important but the most creative parts of the facade.

The role of the window is not only decorative and figurative, as well as doors, windows have even more important role – they have to be functional. When we are in the interior of a certain space whether it is business or residential – you will agree – we totally see differently the function of windows.

While we notice from the outside that particular shape, color or appearance of the window and door is adapted and well “sat” on a particular facade, we will look and notice other things from the inside. We will admire the view that overlooks from our windows or glass walls, how the window is ideally placed on the side that has a lot of daylight and solar energy, how it is a great insulator of heat, cold or noise. All these items make life more enjoyable and it is very important to consider them when buying new windows or doors.


When buying a window you need to know the following:

    • Energy efficiency, apart from protecting the environment, saves you money. Since often there are loses of a large amount of heat by external joinery, it is important to choose an energy-efficient joinery for your living or working space.


    • Energy losses through the windows are usually ten times greater than those through the walls.


    • The quality of fabrication and assembly greatly influences the energy efficiency. When it comes to energy saving, the installation of joinery plays an important role because it affects the quality of insulation but also the durability of the joinery itself. First of all, the joints between the window profiles and the walls must be of good quality because otherwise heat passes, surface condensation is formed and mildew occurs.


    • To prevent large heat losses, two glass surfaces are most often used. Triple glazing windows are installed in passive homes that minimize energy consumption.


    • Windows that provide good insulation will prevent condensation of fluid from the inside of the glass because due to good insulation the glass is not of lower temperature than the temperature of the indoor space.


  • An important role of the window is sound insulation. The same elements as in thermal insulation affect it , such as installing and filling the interspace between glass surfaces with gass, as well as combining windows with different thickness or installing plated window shutters glass. Additional soundproofing can be achieved by sealing the window brim and by attaching sealing gaskets (inner and outer gaskets).

Consult with our expert staff and describe the conditions in your environment. Skelin Mont sales team will be very glad to offer you the best solution with their experience and knowledge and to find custom made windows.


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