The entrance doors certainly leave the first impression at the entrance to your home . They give your home an originality and express the style of the owner. The entrance doors must meet all the elements of aesthetics, functionality and protection.

Due to the increasingly demanding architectural solutions and adaptation to modern lines, Skelin Mont aluminum entrance doors can meet all the required conditions with their technical characteristics and statics. You can choose the color of the door and appearance, as well as the ability to open the door with a card, fingerprint, etc.

When you want high quality and functionality for your home, then the aluminum doors are an excellent choice for you.

Prednosti ALU vrata:

  • Extraordinary thermal and sound insulation
  • Modern design

  • Possibility of design and adjustment according to the wishes and needs of the owner
  • High degree of strength and endurance
  • Weather resistance

  • Quality material easy to maintain

  • High degree of anti-theft protection by the installation of high-quality fittings
Alu profil50PI_Skelin Mont-mont


Aluminum profile 50 PI is series of profiles for internal doors characterized by rounded and gentle lines. Alu profiles 50PI are ideal for areas where security and cleanliness are on the first place, such as public buildings, schools, hospitals.

Because of the design that prevents dust from being kept between wings and doorjambs, it is easy to clean and maintain, which is one of the important features.

Skelin Mont aluminum entrance door can meet all required conditions with its technical characteristics and statics.