ALU harmo walls present the elegant and luxurious performance of closing large openings. With large glass surfaces and enlighted space with daylight, interior spaces communicate with outdoor terraces and gardens.

Skelin Mont Harmo walls can be glazed or filled in the form of shutters.


Profil 45P

Alu profile 45P is series of profiles suitable for the manufacture of shutters, developed to meet the requirements of functionality and aesthetics in accordance with traditional constructions. Aluminum profile 45P consists of several versions of window lids: standard with slats, classic with full caps, full lids without frames and sliding ones.

Aluminijski-profil-45P_Skelin Mont_06

Alu Profil 45V

Alu profile 45 V is series of profiles suitable for the creation of winter gardens and terraces. Their slide is made possible by the use of solid upper aluminum carts and appropriate four-wheeled rollers that hold the wings. It is possible to mount the lower guide rail into the floor, avoiding in this way unpleasant elevations, while the tightness of the wings is ensured by elastic and long-lasting seals.

Aluminijski profil 45V_Skelin Mont_04

Alu Profil SV30

Alu Profil is series of profiles for making window shutters with regional characteristics. This profile line is designed to meet the specific requirements of a particular geographic region.

Aluminijski profil SV30_Skelin Mont_03

Mogući tipovi prozorskih kapaka (škura) su:

  • Belluno” – single or double shutters do not have a frame while the wings are placed directly on the wall on the outside of the facade
  • Padova” – wings that are longitudinally divided into segments interconnected by hinges positioned on the supporting wall
  • Rovigo” – single or double shutters that do not have a frame of the jamb, while the window pane is slightly indented on the supporting wall.
  • Treviso” – single or double shutters that have a frame of the jamb on the supporting wall and on the top transverse wall of the opening
  • Venezia” – shutters with wings divided into two segments and having a traditional ribs on the outside and on the inside a horizontally laid slat
  • Verona” – single or double shutters that do not have a jamb and their wings are bordered along the entire width of the frame and placed directly on the wall, on the outside.
  • Vicenza” – shutters that have wings divided into two or three segments interconnected by joints that can be folded into the depth of the supporting wall of the window opening.