Aluminum sliding walls are very easy to use and are maximally functional and they make your space elegant and modern.

Alu Sliding Walls are available in all RAL colors.

Alu profil SC70N

Alu profile SC70N is series of profiles used to make sliding aluminum joinery without breaking a thermal bridge. Given that it is complementary to the 55N series of profiles, it also enables the performance of large glass walls, in addition to its classic designs.

Osnovne značajke:

  • The width of fixed frames is 55 mm (2 guides) and 91 mm (3 guides)
  • The width of movable wings is 28 mm
  • Windows and doors with two, three or four sliding walls, with combined structure with underlight, overlight or fixed side lights with opening possibilities. The system permits combining with the 55N series profiles and hence the realization of various types of aluminum walls.
  • Glass can be mounted on profiles of thickness 4 to 18 mm.
  • The load on the wing is 70 kg

Alu profil SC95TT

Alu profile SC95TT is series of profiles for the production of sliding aluminun joinery with interrupted thermal bridge. This series of profiles for the construction of the building joinery allows the creation of the classic frames of two and three profiles, also the creation of composite frames thanks to the ability to combine with the profiles of 56IW series.

This series is distinguished by the characteristic glass-holders which are cut at an angle of 45 °, in the same way as the frame of the sliding wall.


Basic features:

  • frame width: 95/91 mm
  • Width of movable wings: 36 mm
  • Windows and doors with two, three sliding walls
  • Glass can be mounted on the profiles of thickness of 6 to 24 mm
  • load per wing is 150 kg
Aluminijski profil SC95TT_Skelin Mont_03

Alu profil SC140TT

The purpose of the SC140 series of profiles is to produce high quality aluminum joinery for installation in residential or commercial buildings, as they require a high degree of performance and finishing.

The strength of the frame allows the production of aluminum construction joinery of large dimensions. An example of this is the glazing of the atrium along the whole wall.

The lifting-sliding mechanism makes this product very practical and functional as it facilitates the movement of heavy frames. It is also possible to install anti-theft glass, without affecting the simplicity of movement.

Aluminijski profil SC140TT_Skelin Mont_03

Basic features:

  • Frame width is 140mm (213 mm profile for three-phase guide)
  • The width of the wings is 56 mm
  • Glass can be mounted on the profiles of thickness 10 to 40 mm
  • The load per wing is from 250 to 400 kg