Roller shutters, besides regulating the amount of light, also have an extra protective function of your home, they protect you from unwanted external influences and looks from the environment, which offers you greater comfort and intimacy of your living space.

Handling the roller shutters is very easy – with a manual mechanism or for additional comfort, it is possible to install an electromotor controlled by the remote or push button.

Here are some more interesting information to help you decide to buy roller shutters for your space:

  • With roller shutters you have the possibility to install an insect protection net
  • Aluminum plates on the roller shutters are filled with PU foam, which aditionally enhances their sound and thermal insulation properties
  • Blind guides with the option of to and without ejection
  • Maintenance of the roller shutters does not require much time and is very easy
  • In our offer we have a large selection of colors
  • The ability to cover large ranges without jeopardizing their functionality

There are different ways to install roller shutters depending on the shape of the box. PVC or ALU roller shutters can be:

  • internal
  • external
  • plasteried

They can be mounted on existing joinery, as well as on completely new construction.