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PVC or ALU window frames?

Windows are made of various materials and it is very clear that each one has advantages and disadvantages. Although modern technologies, machines and materials can now achieve almost equal thermal, light and sound properties either in PVC or aluminum, the choice of material is nevertheless made by the user or customer depending on the elements that have to be fulfilled by purchasing new windows in their space.

ALUMINUM WINDOW FRAMES have a high degree of durability, which is very important in large window frames and are highly resistant to weather influences (such as salt). Aluminum window frames almost do not get old and are very easy to maintain. Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, so it is very important for their internal filling to be a good thermal insulator. Certainly the shortage of aluminum windows makes them of considerably higher price than PVC or wooden frames.

PLASTIC WINDOW FRAMES have better thermal protection than aluminum but have slightly shorter life span and are not acceptable from the environmental aspect as their production and recycling pollutes the environment. With the PVC frames, care should be taken on the number of horizontally placed chambers that affect the performance quality and the insulation properties of the window. Today, the standard in PVC windows is 5 or more chambers in cross sections. The number of chambers has an effect on the thermal insulation of the frame, while for the greater strength the steel structure is installed in the window.

The advantage of PVC windows is definitely a lower price compared to aluminum and a simple maintenance compared to wooden windows.

“The window is as important as the window frame”

The window, besides the frame, consists of glass that has a very important isolation role. To reduce heat, today ordinary single windows are replaced by better IZO glasses with better insulating characteristics. Izo glass has at least two glass surfaces, and the interspace is filled with dry air at a dew point of -30 ° C or some other gas, most commonly with argon, xenon or cryptone. The mentioned gases are placed due to the reduction of the heat flow coefficient, to reduce heat losses through the window.

The essential properties of izo glass are: isolation of the passage of heat, influence on the passage of the light, clarity and purity of the glass, the proper reflection of the image of the environment and that the dew point must not be reached in the interspace.



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