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Skelin Mont Certificates

Every company can have a great opinion about itself, but if it also has a certificate from an impartial and accredited organization then it is a credible certificate that guarantees the quality of products and services. Quality is the key to success – this is a main thought we have at Skelin Mont d.o.o. therefore, we have insisted on obtaining certificates to confirm to our customers, partners and, ultimately, to ourselves that our products and services will meet all quality requirements.

Skelin Mont – production line

ISO 9001 – Quality management system

We are aware that in order to run and operate a company successfully, this must be managed in a systematic and transparent manner. That is why Skelin Mont has an international standard that sets requirements for the establishment and maintenance of a quality management system – ISO 9001. This generally accepted certificate guarantees that production processes within the company are managed under controlled conditions, thereby influencing the positive contribution of achieving the goals of our business, for current and potential partners, and for our valued clients.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

The rational use of natural resources and the prevention of environmental pollution is a topic of great importance and we believe that every organization should be involved. For the sake of social responsibility, which we are very aware of, we have also obtained an ISO 14001 certificate to confirm to all interested parties that Skelin Mont takes care of the environment and complies with all applicable legal requirements. Because modern technologies, gas emissions, global warming and the consumption of natural resources are the reasons that lead us to start from ourselves in protecting our environment.

ISO 14001

CE mark – European mark of conformity

Safety and protection are important elements of every activity, and the CE mark confirms that our products meet the requirements of safety, property protection, animal and human health protection, environmental protection and public interest in accordance with the prescribed EU directives. All Skelin Mont products have undergone a conformity assessment procedure before being awarded the CE marking, which guarantees that the product is manufactured in accordance with technical regulations in accordance with European Union technical legislation. In this way, the products produced in our company can compete equally with other companies in the European market in the same or similar activities.

CE mark

Quality, environment and conformity

Once we have received the above certificates, it does not mean that our efforts to continuously progress and grow in these respects have stopped. On the contrary, it is only then that we have gained the confidence and thus an even greater responsibility to work in accordance with the socio – economic needs of the world and the times in which we live. We are delighted to have been recognized by our clients and long-standing partners who have a reliable and transparent partner in the company Skelin Mont. Confirmed!






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