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“We should bring some fresh air into the room!” is a sentence we will utter when we really become aware of the lack of oxygen in the room, which means that in fact it should have been done much earlier. Did you know that on average, in one day we inhale and exhale almost 30,000 times and that one family of four, as a result of daily activities such as cooking, bathing, watering and cleaning, produces as much as 12 L of water vapor, which definitely needs to be ventilated from the apartment?



The importance of ventilating a home is often overlooked

Most of the time, we don’t even think about how to maintain the freshness of the air in our home or apartment. However, the fresh air, or rather the ventilation of the space, plays an important role in our good mood as well as for our health. This is due to the high CO2 content and the lack of oxygen in the room. In addition, we must not forget the moisture that accumulates in the air or the dust accumulated in furniture, carpet, curtains and other furniture. The average person spends more time indoors than outdoors, which is why the air in the rooms should be at least as important to us as the outdoor air. And so we ask ourselves, why do we pay so little attention to the ventilation of rooms when it is so important to us?

The reason can be found in the history of construction. There used to be no reason to worry about ventilation: ventilation worked on its own.



Earlier ventilation worked on its own

You can probably recall the old houses and their windows, near which, especially in the winter months, it was noticeably cooler than in other parts of the room because the air permeability of these windows was extremely large, unthinkable for today’s windows. Yet, however uncomfortable at the time, this airflow provided adequate ventilation. No one had to worry about how often and how long windows should be open. Ventilation became important when the windows were modernized and when they started to have thermal insulation feature. Today’s modern construction implies modern joinery without energy loss but entails the need for ventilation due to the accumulation of moisture and mold, which are extremely unpleasant both visually and for health. To avoid these situations, when buying joinery, be informed and ventilate regularly so that you can enjoy all the benefits that modern PVC and aluminum windows have brought to our lives today.



How to ventilate the rooms properly?

As we have already concluded, ventilation is a habit that is extremely important to acquire because ventilation not only reduces moisture and prevents mold, but also provides the necessary amount of oxygen for a healthy life. This healthy habit does not require much of your time – just a few minutes, several times a day open the windows and doors wide, which will allow replacing that “old” air with the fresh one. If you do it correctly, it only takes five minutes for your home to re-breathe, which will not significantly cool the walls of the room, and you will reheat the fresh air very quickly.

Below we bring some ventilation tips:

  • ventilate 3 to 4 times a day
  • Open windows wide
  • Open the opposite door and window at the same time, ensuring exhaust and air exchange very quickly
  • Ventilate the bedroom after waking up and before going to sleep
  • Ventilate immediately large amounts of steam in the kitchen and bathroom
  • it is necessary to ventilate the rooms when is rainy and foggy weather too
  • the basement, especially in summer, should be ventilated at night or early in the morning, not during the heat, as this will allow more moisture to be drawn into space and will make condensation on the walls

If you have any further questions about ventilating rooms with built-in PVC or aluminum joinery, please do contact our expert Skelin Mont team who will be happy to answer any of your questions you may have.




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