We all know that persistence and hard work are virtues that sometimes lead you to your goal. That this is the case, our owner Ivica Skelin and our Skelin Mont team, who in 17 years of work and existence have gone so far as to engage us for large and impossible undertakings all over the country, and more and more often even beyond the borders of Lijepa naša, testify every day.

So, in addition to numerous projects that we left behind, we accepted a very challenging project in the Teašćica Nature Park, which rarely anyone in our area was able to carry out.

It is a project of the "Interpretation Education Center Grpašćak" located within the Telašćica Nature Park, which is implemented by the Public Institution Telašćica Nature Park and partners Sali Municipality and the Tourist Board of Sali Municipality, and is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development within the Operational Program Competitiveness and cohesion 2014-2020. The total value of the Project is HRK 25,223,715.89, of which the European Union co-finances HRK 13,153,622.55.

The visitor center, which is currently being completed, is being built on the site of a former military complex, dating back to Austria-Hungary, on the highest part of Dugi otok, above the famous cliffs. Architecturally, it looks very attractive, and apart from other contents that will tell visitors the story of the cultural, historical and natural wealth of PP Telašćica, the cantilever bridge, which is actually a lookout point and is completely made of glass, is particularly interesting. The glass cantilever bridge is located above the cliff in a wonderful location and opens up a view of the archipelago and cliffs characteristic of this island and offers visitors boundless enjoyment of the view and wealth of nature.

This very viewpoint, which is located on very inaccessible terrain, had to be dismantled and closed as a whole, which is quite a difficult and demanding job. We at Skelin Mont accepted this task. The work was completed in one day with the involvement of our 10 strong guys from the Skelin mont team who managed the impossible and did a superb job. On an almost inaccessible terrain, we delivered, transported and mounted 4 large and huge panes that weighed 250 kg, 415 kg and 720 kg and 730 kg. This is very demanding and on accessible terrain, and can you imagine how big an undertaking it was at this location - on a building that literally hangs over a cliff? It was really difficult and it took a lot of strength, knowledge and experience to get the job done with good organization and precision. Now when we look back we can say that it was very brave.

The manager of this demanding project was Mr. Boris Bedrica, the assembly manager was Mahir Begić, and the operational and organizational project was managed by Antonijo Milovac, all in turn exceptional and long-standing members of our Skelin Mont team who did their work flawlessly. Our owner Ivica Skelin does not hide his satisfaction and spares no words of praise for them: "The boys, as usual, were up to the task. We can say that hardly anyone in Croatia can perform this feat. I congratulate my team and would like to thank them for their professionalism and work done. My people really do worldly things."

When good and high-quality jobs are arranged, everything is possible! And so Ivica has been working for 17 years. Behind it, Skelin Mont has countless large and small projects where we honed our knowledge and experience. The desire for growth and development and improvement of production and product quality has never left us. We are very aware that the market is increasingly demanding and we strive to work on new products every day in order to keep up with new trends.

"It is a great satisfaction when after 17 years you come to the realization that you are stable, that you are doing good things and that you are ready for various challenges. The beginnings were not easy, there were many challenges on a private and business level. With a lot of effort, the support of my family and the loyalty of my team, and with God's help, we managed to overcome everything that came our way and simply used it to grow in every way. We thank our partners and clients for recognizing the quality and our work, we strive to meet their requirements and that mutual trust is the key to everything", owner Ivica Skelin tells us.

Another reference is behind us, we can't take the smile off our faces. The visitor center is opening soon to the satisfaction of the entire management of PP Telašćica and numerous visitors. Skelin Mont has new projects, new investments, and we are very much looking forward to everything that lies ahead.

See more about our venture at the visitor center in the video on our YouTube channel:

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